Middle Eastern Dance
A dance in the ruins of Karnak.  Late 19th century.  Engraving
Before You Begin

This section contains information that would be useful to read before beginning to use this site and before learning or attempting bellydance.  I highly recommend reading through all the material here.  There is information on the history and styles of Middle Eastern dance as well as warm-up's, cool down's, cultural no no's, basics, and even a bellydance thesaurus to help identify movement despite the many different names they have been given.  There is also information here on how to use this site and it's terms of use.  Below are some brief descriptions of what is contained on each of these pages.  Please use the navigation buttons above to select your page.

Please read this disclaimer before you attempt to try any of the warm up's, cool down's or movements.

History Of The Dance
This section covers the orgins of Middle Eastern Dance.  Although it's origins are not exactly clear there are many good

Styles Of Dance
This section covers different styles of Middle Eastern Dance.  It outlines differences and has related references.

Warm Up's
This section contains the warm up I use and recomend.  This warm up takes about 45 minutes to complete however, you may
wish to change it to your individual needs.

Cool Down's
This section contains the cool down I use and recomend.  This cool down takes about 10 minutes to complete however, you
may wish to change it to your individual needs.

Cultural No No's
If you're going to dance for an Arab crowd be sure to read this so you can know what to avoid doing.  Remember you don't
want to offend them or you may not get any more jobs.

This page contains information on how to make the most of your dancing experience.

Belly Dance Thesaurus
This is a compilation of the moves on this list and the other names that the moves are known by.  It will hopefully help people
everywhere to easily recognize familiar moves and better communicate with other dancers when trying to describe them.

Use Of This Site
This page explains how this site should be used and shared.
A dance in the ruins of Karnak.  Late 19th century.  Engraving