Middle Eastern Dance
Veil Work
Below you will find a list of movements for the hips to read more about each movement and see video demonstrations click on the appropriate links below.

About Veils
Basic history and cultural context

Veil Basics
Holding A Veil
Recovering a veil after its slipped out of your hand
Weighted vs. unweighted
Rectangular vs. Circular
Double Veil

Sari Wrap
Basic Wrap
The Long Scarf
The Cape and the Arm Wrap
Criss Cross

Circles and Turns
Envelope Turn
1/2 Airplane Turn
Airplane Turn
Butterfly Turn
Basic Turn
Basic Circle
Tidal Wave
Tear Drop
Toreador Turn
Flutter Turn
Sail Turn

Toss forward
Toss forward and pull back
Toss forward and catch
Toss up
Throwing away
Side Toss

Queen Sheeba Walk
Grape Vine
Step Ball Change
Peeking Out
A Dancer Of The Ouled Nail.  1890.  Etienne Dinet.
A Dancer Of The Ouled Nail.  1890.  Etienne Dinet.