Middle Eastern Dance
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Middle Eastern Dance Universtiy (MEDU)

Welcome to MEDU!  The best place to start for continuing education geared specifically towards Middle Eastern Dance. Middle Eastern Dance University is not an accredited college nor do these courses count towords actual CEU credits.  What is presented here are online courses in continuing education for those interested in furthering their studies in Middle Eastern Dance.  The courses here are in-depth studies in subjects directly related to Middle Eastern Dance and Culture.  They help to further your understanding and appreciation for the art form and the cultures from which they have come.  The courses here are not intended to be easy, they are intended to make you think and cause you to reach new levels of understanding.  Like a regular college level course you may need to purchase the appropriate text's that accompany each class (Classes in the same subject generally reuse many of the same texts though and we rely heavily on sources that can be accessed on-line without the physical text).  Classes are ongoing and can be started anytime.  To browse our courses choose the appropriate button from the above navigation bar.  Sign up today!  Have questions?  Please check out our FAQ page.